It is Dixon’s Mission to provide you with consistent quality and exceptional service. Our extensive network of beauty supply distributors around the world have come to depend on these characteristics.

Dixon’s Story

In 1974, Mrs. Dixon owned and operated her own nail salon in San Diego, California. When working with the newly popular acrylic nails, she was frustrated that the sanding files in her salon would disintegrate and fall apart when sanding acrylic. Mrs. Dixon decided to try one of her husband’s industrial chip foam sanding blocks and cut it in half to use on a customer’s fingernails. She was impressed with the way the foam easily flexed and molded to allow her to sand and buff the nail, without cutting or damaging the fragile skin. Mrs. Dixon set her husband to work at finding the best quality foam and grit to make a custom buffer that could be used on fingernails. Their search took them to the United Kingdom (UK), the only country at that time who put abrasive grain directly onto foam. Mr. Dixon worked diligently with the UK to make his own high quality sanding block used exclusively for the fingernail and beauty industry. Sourcing the world’s best medical grade foam and top quality abrasive grains, the first fingernail buffer came to be. Now almost 40 years later, Dixon Premium Nail Buffers are sold all over the world and are the industry standard for long lasting, high quality nail abrasives.

“I wouldn’t change anything about Dixon, they always have excellent customer service!”

— Peter Trink (4 Seasons Beauty)